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We love floorball and we love that more and more girls are playing the sport.

This is probably the most comprehensive girls initiative out there regarding Floorball. We are dedicated to get as many girls as we can to start playing floorball as well as getting them to play longer.

This initiative is originally from the Region of Östergötland in Sweden. It has since startup spread throughout sweden and also internationally. We welcome everyone who wants to be a part of our mission - To grow floorball as a sport and community locally, regionally, nationally and internationally! All for the girls and the sport!

The concept is basically a real classic one - show floorball for girls in schools and introduce them to clubs in there vicinity - it requires real dedication from our teamleader and instructors - the results are overwhelming and something we are very proud of. A lot of new teams has started thanks to our efoorts. Each instructor has to pass put internal training programme before visiting the teams. That way we ensure that the FFG-spirit is demonstrated and implemented during practices.

To get girls to play longer we have introduced Fast Forward Girls Development Camp at which our instructors do their absolute best to educate and inspire the teenagers to become their best Floorball self. 

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Come to Sweden!

We get many questions from girls around the world that are curious about sweden and floorball here. We do our best to guide you to the floorball system in Sweden and also the education system which is the most smooth way to get close to swedish floorball. All university cities has floorball clubs, many of them also have clubs in the highest league, SSL.

Floorball is widely spread in Sweden and there are about a 1000 clubs in Sweden. There are several levels to play on, all from friends that just play for fun up to the best league in the world. The SSL! In the SSL you find players such as Amanda Delgado Johansson, Moa Gustafsson, Maja Viström, Emelie Wibron, Cornelia Fjellstedt, Ellen Rasmussen, Moa Andersson to just name a few. The list of ridiculously skilled players can be made very very long.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about coming sweden and play floorball.

Drop an email to to contuinue dialogue


Cecilie Crolly from Denmark

We get many questions from girls around the world that are curious about sweden and Cecilie moved to Sweden in 2020 to pursue her dreams of developing her floorball skills and also play among the best girls in the world. She plays for Denmark's national team, both ladies and U19. She has chosen to attend one of the high shools that offer the NIU-progamme which means practices 3-4 times a week on shool hours and then regular practices with her swedish team in the evnings. Cecilie is also a certified Fast Forward Girls Instructor which means she visit teams with younger girls to hold inspiring practices.


Elise Van Thielen from Belgium

Elise is on an exchange programme and moved to Sweden from the city of La Hulpe to attend a school that offers floorball during school hours. She will be here for a semester before finishing school in Belgium and hopefully return to Sweden for university studies fall 2022. NIU schools in general are most welcoming to accept players from outside of Sweden. Elise is also holds a canadian passport and plays for their ladies and U19 national team.

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